"There is more to Devonport than the main street" locals would tell you. After your Explorer Tour, wander around the village to view the lovely cottages and bungalows built from New Zealand's native timber. In December, Devonports parks feature many pohutakawa (the New Zealand Christmas tree) which will be covered in vibrant red flowers.

North Head

Maori named North Head "Takapuna" (falling spring) referring to the spring of water on the southern slopes. The mountain and its surrounds offered excellent soil quality for growing kumara (sweet potato), large tidal beaches to collect seafood, and good fishing.


In 1790 opposing tribes surrounded North Head and decimated the local tribe. It was repopulated but, in 1793, was invaded once again and this proved to be the end of significant Maori settlement on North Head.

Direct European involvement with North Head began in 1836 when Captain D. Rough was appointed as the first pilot and harbour master for Auckland.... Continues on page 3

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"There is more to Devonport than the main street."