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Approximately 40,000 years ago, Devonport was made up of three islands - Mt Cambria, Mt Victoria and North Head. Successive eruptions created the present shape of Devonport's peninsula.

Maori arrived in approximately 1350 and landed at what is now called Torpedo Bay. They established pa (fortified villages) and gardens on the volcanic cones.

Europeans began to arrive in the 1800s and Devonport was one of the first places to be settled in the Auckland region. It has since become one of the most vibrant marine suburbs and is the home to the Royal New Zealand Navy.


The first ever ferry service, in 1860, carried 16 people to Auckland. These days, Fullers ferries make 31 sailings daily on the "Kea" and it takes just 12 minutes to reach Devonport from Downtown Auckland."

Arriving at Devonport by ferry, one can feel and see the special atmosphere created by the village just beyond the wharf. Devonport village is renowned for its diversity of restaurants, cafés and bars. Take time to check out the Art Deco Theatre and Naval Museum.... Continued on page 2

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About Devonport
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"Approximately 40,000 years ago, Devonport was made up of three islands, Mt Cambria, Mt Victoria and North Head."